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Give yourself a day—one day full of photographic sessions, from 10am to 4pm—to honor your creative self. Bring back the joy and wonder of being in nature, and holding a camera in your hand. Learn how to make pictures that soar past postcards, and capture what you are feeling, what you are seeing, and what you are thinking. Eddie will make you laugh when he shows you his first show, and you will “get it” when he clearly shows what he didn’t understand in his early years. At the time, working at a premiere photo lab, looking at the negatives of world class photographers, he kept asking, “How Come Mine Don’t Look Like That?” Digging back into his mistakes—his “good ones” at the time—he will lay out simple ideas to understand light, avoid chaos, create beautiful backgrounds, lead the eye with thoughtful compositions, and understand that if there is magic, work It, hang out, and slow down. His sessions will honor the classic landscape, giving you ideas to make it fresh and your own, and he will whole-heartedly dive into the interpretive landscape, celebrating the mindset of breaking out of your box, and making new photographs. Our day will swim in the creative, but honor the thoughtful.

Get ready for a day to set you free, to shake you out of ruts, and charge you up to make new photographs, right now.

San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts – Sunday, March 24 – 10:00am to 4:00pm

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SEE THINK DO Photo Cards Are Now Available
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the SEE THINK DO Photo Cards are now available for purchase. SEE THINK DO contains 144 photo cards designed to help you SEE the natural world, suggestions to help you THINK about making a photograph, and reflections to DO and bring it all together into important photographs.

Click here to purchase the cards from Eddie. Click here to purchase the cards from Amazon. If you would like more information from the Kickstarter campaign, click here for details and to see the video which explains the philosophy behind the making of the cards.


If you love landscape and nature photography, but want your images to rise beyond nice postcard shots, start building a foundation of essential skills with Eddie Soloway as he heads into the field with camera in hand. For over twenty years Eddie’s Natural Eye workshop has helped thousands of students move from photographing objects and things towards capturing the essence of places and the magic of moments.

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Online Series

Join Eddie in the field for an eight-part series laying the foundation for making images of the natural world. This series lays down foundational ideas in preparation for the second series: The Expressive Landscape. Produced in partnership with Maine Media Workshops and College.

Basic Skills
Fine Tune
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Workshops & Presentations

Eddie’s upcoming presentations, seminars, and multi-day learning experiences.

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These photographic immersions put the emphasis on quality time in a wonderful place, to make important images.

Autumn Veil

Autumn Veil

Autumn Veil

Autumn Veil

Autumn Veil

Autumn Veil