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Eddie’s upcoming presentations, seminars, and multi-day learning experiences.



The Expressive Landscape Series is live!
How do you make a photograph that expresses more than the scene in front of you? Filmmaker Bob Sacha and photographer Eddie Soloway have created 35 inspiring and educational photography videos to inspire you to make your own, new, and personal photographs.

Click here to see the trailer.


SEE THINK DO Photo Cards
SEE THINK DO Photo Cards contain 144 photo cards designed to help you SEE the natural world, suggestions to help you THINK about making a photograph, and reflections to DO and bring it all together into important photographs.

Click here to purchase the cards with no shipping fees, an incentive for Amazon Prime members to order from Eddie. Click here to purchase the cards from Amazon. If you would like more information from the successful Kickstarter campaign which launched the cards, click here for details and to see the video which explains the philosophy behind the making of the cards.


Three Simple Lines & The Color of Wind
an online seminar with Natalie Goldberg and Eddie Soloway

January 27-29, 2021
6:00 to 7:00PM US MST
Santa Fe Workshops
Tuition: $145
Day One – Three Simple Lines and The Essence of Place
Day Two – Filling the Well: Where Do Ideas Come From?
Day Three – The True Secret of Writing & the Art of Seeing

Natalie Goldberg and Eddie Soloway embrace the creative journey with a similar spirit. Natalie’s books have sold millions of copies in multiple languages, have inspired thousands of writers, and connected us deeply to her stories about the gift of every moment. Wonder and joy best characterize Eddie’s photographs and his decades of commitment to teaching. His photographs have been called a love song to the natural world. While Natalie and Eddie both live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a chance meeting far from home led to a regular exchange of stories, and photographs of beauty.

Santa Fe Workshops is excited to bring together these two friends, and for our first time, a photographer and a writer. In three presentations, spread over three days, Natalie and Eddie explore the intersection of the two universal languages – images and words. Together they unfold and reveal the truths they have discovered using images and words that define their creative careers.

Join Natalie and Eddie on a free spirited and enjoyable journey of discovery that changes the way you write and photograph. For more info and to register, click here.


Taproot has returned as an hour and a half program celebrating the creative journey. On January 7 Ron Pokrasso presented Thoughts on the Creative Process. The session was recorded, and if you would like to stream it, go ahead an register, and we will send you a link to hear it at your leisure.

Thoughts on the Creative Process with Ron Pokrasso – Thursday, January 7 from 5:00 to 6:30pm Mountain Time.

Ron’s art speaks to the creative journey. Reaching to printmaking, collage, photography, drawing, and painting, his embrace of the process is liberating. Join Ron as he shares thoughts and his art on the following ideas:

In the zone – Be prepared and stay focused
The 3 C’s — Craftsmanship, Content and Composition
Embrace the element of surprise
The excitement of not knowing—Creative solutions from problems
Having a conversation with your work—no easy solutions

To read more details about Ron’s thoughts for the presentation, click here. click here

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2019-27D New Life For Winged Victory
“New Life for Winged Victory” by Ron Pokrasso

Each Taproot program will featuring four acts:
The Child’s Eye – A story of wonder
Aha Moment and Insights – Eddie’s visual journey of revelations absorbed from around the world
Nurturing the Creative Spirt — A guest presentation will be the core of each Taproot event
Into the Light – A story for the journey

The sessions will run using the Zoom online platform. Each program will run roughly 60-90 minutes. Questions can be written through a moderator, and we will do our best to answer them all.

For the price of a movie and popcorn, fill your creative well. I hope you can join us!

For learn more about Ron: click here click here


These photographic immersions put the emphasis on quality time in a wonderful place, to make important images, and make deeper connections. Workshop alumni receive periodic newsletters announcing the details of these adventures.