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On June 1 Eddie recorded an hour-long presentation in his Taproot series: Maine Sojourn – The Deep and Secret Yes. He wove together stories and photographs, exploring the nature of adventure, where ideas come from, the rewards of going back to a place, lessons learned from other art, and the high-level skill of messing around.

You may stream the session on Vimeo.
Cost – $18.99

To stream, click here.



Join my journey celebrating wonder, beauty, and inspiration.

Once a week I have been bringing a little pearl onto my Substack page. A short essay, an audio story, or perhaps a video. My hope is that they might deepen the way you see the world, as I believe one way into taking care of something is falling in love with it.

All the posts are free, and you are welcome to breathe energy in with some support. Here is the link.

Stars on LakeThe Natural Eye Sessions – 30 years of experience, inspiration, and practical lessons distilled into six sessions

On the weekend of May 20-21, 2023 I recorded the most comprehensive dive I have taken into helping people see the natural world with fresh eyes, and getting what they see, think, and feel, into a photograph. The six sessions, each just under an hour, are now available to stream on Vimeo. There will be no expiration to access the recordings. Think of it as a permanent resource of creative content.

Natural Eye Session 1 – A Sense of Wonder • Simplify the Journey • Aesthetics of Light • Photographing with Intent
Natural Eye Session 2 – Tools: Seeing like a Lens • Understanding Focus • Understanding Movement • Previsualizing the Final Photograph
Natural Eye Session 3 – Putting the Frame around your Idea • Frame A – The Classic Landscape • Getting to Essence
Natural Eye Session 4 – Frame B – The Interpretive Landscape: Part 1
Natural Eye Session 5 – Frame B – The Interpretive Landscape: Part 2
Natural Eye Session 6 – Fine-Tuning Ideas • Wrap Up • The Spirit of Making a Photograph • Make Them Want More

Fee: $179.00. Fee includes indefinite personal access to all sessions. You will be sent links to all six sessions within three days of registering. To register, follow this link. Questions?

Expressive LandscapeThe Expressive Landscape Series
How do you make a photograph that expresses more than the scene in front of you? Filmmaker Bob Sacha and photographer Eddie Soloway have created 35 inspiring and educational photography videos to inspire you to make your own, new, and personal photographs.

Click here to see the trailer.


SEE THINK DO Photo Cards
SEE THINK DO Photo Cards contain 144 photo cards designed to help you SEE the natural world, suggestions to help you THINK about making a photograph, and reflections to DO and bring it all together into important photographs.

Click here to purchase the cards with no shipping fees, an incentive for Amazon Prime members to order from Eddie. Click here to purchase the cards from Amazon. If you would like more information from the successful Kickstarter campaign which launched the cards, click here for details and to see the video which explains the philosophy behind the making of the cards.

Alumni Experiences

These photographic immersions put the emphasis on quality time in a wonderful place, to make important images, and make deeper connections. Workshop alumni receive periodic newsletters announcing the details of these adventures.